In this episode I’m joined by Kate as we explain why we have two houses of parliament, why they are called the House of Representatives and the Senate, why they have the colours red and green, and a whole bunch of other fascinating stuff.

Also in the episode: Our Federation.

Music credits include I Want a House by Twin Sister, Happy Dreams by D Smilez, and Loves Me by Adam Selzer. Enjoy!

Other stuff I mentioned (or needed to correct):

  • Yes it turns out the colonial governments all had a bicameral (two house) parliament! They started as unicameral advisory bodies to their governors and then when they each gained self-governance, established houses of assembly.
  • It also turns out there are more than 200,000  residents of the Northern Territory – 243,000 to be exact. Whoops!
  • The Northern Territory referendum to become a state was in 1988 with a NO result of 51.9%.
  • In 1987 Bob Hawke was returned to government following a double dissolution based on the Australia Card bill, however he did not attempt to pass the bill again.
  • The Western Australian referendum to secede from Australia was in 1933 with a YES result of 66%, however it was ruled invalid by the UK parliament as it did not have the support of the Australian Government.