In this episode Kate and Joanna take over Nerdjacking and discuss diversity in politics. What would happen if our parliament was truly representative of all the groups in Australian society? Of the 226 members in both houses:

  • 113 would be women (73 in current parliament)
  • 25 would be LGBTI (8 in current parliament)
  • 45 would have a disability (no stats available on actual representation)
  • 7 would be ATSI (4 in current parliament)
  • 6 would be Buddhist, 3 Hindu, 5 Muslim, 1 Jewish and 50 atheist / no religion

Other stuff that was discussed:

  • State by State women’s representation (anyone want to have a go at doing the sums?)
  • 2015 study 4.3m Australian’s identified as having a disability
  • Shout out to Stuff you missed in history class

Music credits to I got you babe by New Waver and Oh By Jingo by All-Star Trio. Enjoy!