In this episode Kate and Joanna continue their discussion with part 2 of diversity in politics. What would happen if our parliament was truly representative of all our cultures and religions?

Stuff that was mentioned:

  • The term “Tyranny of the majority” was used by US President John Adams, and more recently Israeli journalist Yoel Esteron who said “the role of democracy is not only to assure the governance of the majority, but to protect the rights of the minority”.
  • Kevin Rudd recently warned of a second stolen generation

And those hypothetical representation stats again are:

  • 113 would be women (73 in current parliament)
  • 25 would be LGBTI (8 in current parliament)
  • 45 would have a disability (no stats available on actual representation)
  • 7 would be ATSI (4 in current parliament)
  • 6 would be Buddhist, 3 Hindu, 5 Muslim, 1 Jewish and 50 atheist / no religion

Music credits to The Great One Step by Victor Dance Orchestra and Ours To Give by Wildlight. Enjoy!