In this episode I’m joined by Ben as we discuss part 3 of our voting systems series (listen to part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already). What on earth is range voting? And who would you give your ‘tick’ of approval to? We finally exhaust all of the weird and wonderful voting systems we could find out there, and fix up a couple of mistakes and expand on other areas from part 2.

Stuff that we discussed:

  • Instant runoff elections started in 1918 for Australia, but go as far back as 1892 for Queensland state elections.
  • The election where Western Australian ballots were lost was 2013, which resulted in a fresh Senate election for that state in 2014.
  • A wrap up of the Bob Day case and his likely replacement will be Kenyan born Lucy Gichuhi.

Music credits to Golden Path by SPCZ, and Equilibrium Instrumental by Junior85. Enjoy!

EDIT: So Ben and I may have said some incorrect things about Range and Approval voting, so we kind of fix it in episode 42 … maybe.