Why Nerdjacking?

Welcome to Australian Politics Nerdjacking, where I discuss all things Australian politics.

Have you always wanted to know how preferential voting works? Or whether the GST is really a progressive tax? Well look (or listen) no further, I’m here to you tell you, whether you want to hear it or not!

So we’ve all been to a party where that one guy seems to always interrupt a conversation, just to tell you some random fact right? Then proceeds to spend the next 15 minutes telling everyone how wrong they are? Well that’s me! Nerdjacking is what I do best, and I’m here to share my skill with the world.

So why the term ‘Nerdjacking’? Well the best description I’ve seen so far is:

conversing about one’s passion in such great detail with a layperson who has little or no interest in the topic.

I’ll post up links to the podcast when they’re available (and when I’ve worked out how to do it), so check back regularly. Find out all the different ways you can join in the conversation here.